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Home Screen

Compose - Create a new thread with any Wyre contacts.

Settings - Customize your Wyre experience.

Contacts - Find contacts or invite friends to Wyre.

Saved Messages - View wyres that you have saved onto your device.

Thread Screen

Thread Options - Add contacts to the current thread.

Tap on a wyre icon to send that type of wyre to the entire thread. You may be prompted with additional options. Scroll through the different types of wyres to see all of your options. You also can tell when someone in the thread has started to compose a wyre.

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Screenshot 3

Look Familiar?

Wyre was built to replace communcation tools users are already familiar with. Sending a text message is no more complicated than your default messaging tool. On top of that, Wyre gives you the ability to communicate in more than just text. Learn more here.