Is Wyre free?

Wyre is free for download on any iOS device. Every active Wyre account gets a generous allocation of free wyres which is replenished every 30 days. You can upgrade to a premium Wyre account without this limitations via an in-app purchase.

How much for a premium account?

A one time in-app purchase of $4.99. This allows you to send as many Wyres as you want, and allows you to invite non-wyre users into threads using their phone number. This applies to all devices you own, so you will not have to pay again when you get a new phone or use an additional device.

I want to send a wyre to a friend, but he/she doesn’t have a Wyre account.

Go to the main screen in Wyre and tap the people icon in the lower left corner. Enter your friend's email address or phone number and tap Go. Follow the prompt’s instructions to send either an email or text message invitation. Alternatively, see this answer.

I want to send a wyre to a friend, but he/she doesn't have an iOS device.

If you have a premium account you can add your friend's US 10 digit phone number directly to an existing thread or create one with them. Your friend will receive SMS texts based on the activity in the thread, and they are able to participate in the conversation simply by responding.

Why should I use Wyre instead of my current messaging application?

No other App allows you as much freedom between modes of communication as Wyre does. It’s free to try, so give it a shot!

What level of security does Wyre offer for my private data?

All sensitive content is sent securely to the cloud and stored in an encrypted format. All wyres are stored until explicitly deleted, so you can access all of your threads from any iOS device.

When can I download Wyre?

Wyre is now on the App Store. Check the download page for more information.