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Wyre is an iOS App that allows users to communicate quickly with one another in the medium they desire. Don’t catch yourself saying “You had to be there...” anymore; share the moment through all of the meaningful modes of communication. Send more than just a message, send a wyre.

Available for Download on iOS
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Every communication utility should include a simple way to send plain text. Sometimes all you need is an emoticon :)

Don’t leave a cumbersome voicemail, use Wyre to send a brief audio recording to a friend with minimal effort.

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Taking photos and creating drawings has always been easy. In Wyre it’s just as easy to share them.

There is no doubt that video is a powerful medium. Send original video or YouTube videos as you would any other message.

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“Where are you?” Instead of responding with a vague description, send your location with the touch of a button.

Keep your friends in touch with you, and with each other, by simply adding any one of your contacts’ information to a thread.

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Share existing events straight from your device’s calendar. Sync new events with a single tap.

Heard a new tune you just have to share? Search the iTunes database and send a song with album artwork and an audio preview.

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Sick of email attachments? Send files from other iOS Apps or pick directly out of your personal Dropbox.